Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not On Next Week

Not On Next Week is a new service for the cinemagoers, film fans and movie lovers of Oxford.

Every week, new films come to town. That means, unfortunately, that old films leave. Don't be afraid of missing your last chance, however - Not On Next Week are here to alert you to any films trying to make a quick getaway.

Cinema programmes are normally compiled on Tuesday or Wednesday. After this, we'll be able to update with a bulletin revealing which films are leaving which cinemas.

Subscribers will then get this information in a single, convenient e-mail.

Simple? Yes. Useful? Most definitely.

Better still, Not on Next Week will alert you to any special one-off, or limited engagement screenings - from old classics to obscurities, rarities and cult oddities.

Tell your friends to subscribe. Send them to this link -

Subscribe to Not On Next Week by Email

- and to then confirm their subscription with the e-mail they receive.

Nobody ever need miss out on seeing the best on the big screen ever again.